atelierBOEMIA Italian Made Ceramics



As soon as we arrived back to Milan from our first buying trip to Marrakesh, we jumped in the car and drove 3 hours to Nove, a little village close to Venice famous for it’s rich history of producing beautiful Italian ceramics.

After visiting several factories, known for their high-end work, we decided on two manufacturers and worked closely on the development of selected plates and decorative items for our Table Top Line. With clients like Williams Sonoma, Vietri and other well known American retailers, we knew we could count on these producers to make pieces as strong in design as well as top quality and price point for the level of craftsmanship.

Our Coral line of products (bowl and candle holders) will create an immediate “wow!” effect on your table or counter top.


Our Aperitivo line is meant to add a sophisticated touch to any happy hour. We can’t wait to share these with you at our upcoming shows just in time for your holiday table!

all pictures © atelier BOEMIA 




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