Good Karma



We have cooked up our philosophy in business and in life with two key ingredients: Enjoying ourselves through collected experience and good karma through good intent.

    We love to share incredible food and make great memories in a simple and chic environment with family and the family we choose:  our friends.  

    We feel strongly that things do not have to be expensive to be superior and that good taste cannot be bought but it can be learned. 

    An example of this philosophy in our business model is in our tabletop collections.  We will focus on small plates, glassware (our favorite are wine glasses!) and elegant serving pieces that will enable our clients to entertain in the classic European way:  Tapas, Aperitivo, Apero.... Happy Hour for all!  Simple dishes that do not take all day to prepare, so you can do what you do best as the host, enjoy and entertain your people in a beautifully relaxed and inviting space.  Check our blog for inspiration from our own kitchens (trust us, we know how to cook and how to party...).

    We are eternal optimists and genuinely believe it should be possible for everyone who follows our mantra of enjoying life while paying it forward to also live a full and fun filled life. Don’t take life too seriously, you are not getting out alive anyway!  Enjoy the ride.

    Our lifestyle means we don’t like fake stuff.  We like products with integrity, and unique and beautiful objects that are made by generation after generation of people in the countries from which we source product.  We want to help honor and protect their legacy of craftsmanship and help them earn a living for their families.  This is why we don’t buy the cheapest things we can find (also because we are fairly persnickety): we buy that which is genuine and high quality without being outrageously priced.  Because everyone has to keep in mind that next trip to Bali they want to make happen or that goal of building a dream house one day (we learned this from our Swiss CFnO!).  

    We want to make a good living working hard and being fair with folks, but our goal is not to make as much money as possible from our clients (as long as we can afford that private island in the Carribbean to share with our favorite people once retirement rolls around.  Not a big one.)....we want to bring you the best quality for the best price at which our local contacts can help us source the product. 

    Because we believe everyone has the right to choose for themselves, earn for themselves and be well educated, we donate a significant percentage of our profits back to local programs funding education, work programs and infrastructure improvements in every market from which we source products.  Stay tuned for updates on our website about where and what we are doing to help make a difference for these people who are helping us bring products to you.

    We are passionate about travel and seeing new things.  Our travels take us to meet fab new people every day that blow our minds with their kindness, dispelling stereo types, making us smile and humbling us with their generosity of time, spirit and directions when we get a little lost.  We hope the things we bring to you make you smile, too, knowing that you are paying it forward with us!

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