about atelier BOEMIA



was first conceived in 2014 by two interior designers and friends with a passion for travel, entertaining and discovering well made, beautiful things.  While priorities changed for her co-founder, Stacie continues to work passionately to bring the vision of the company and the brand forward. 

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Stacie grew up in an entrepreneurial household and owes most of her fabulousness to her super creative mom who can (almost) put Martha Stewart to shame and her business savvy father, who (fun fact) can turn quite a colorful phrase as any good Texan can.  After studying Economics and International Business, she worked in the family design build firm before going out on her own as an interior designer and then relocating to Switzerland in 2005.

On a sourcing trip to Marrakesh, Stacie fell in love with the craftsmanship and the creativity of the Moroccan people and wanted to bring the highest quality product she could source there to the US market, knowing these beautiful textiles, baskets, tabletop items and pet products were not otherwise widely available in the US, though Chinese knock offs abound.

A lot of trips to Morocco and more than a handful of solid stories later, Team atelierBOEMIA works tirelessly to develop and maintain relationships with vendors in Morocco and beyond that can provide us with the quality we know you expect while providing opportunity for artisans, one tapas bowl at a time!


Thanks for paying it forward with us!



- we believe things should and can be handmade, stylish and philanthropic
- we believe in collecting experiences and memories, not just stuff
- we believe the most expensive is not always the best and we expect quality at a fair price
- we believe in Tapas, Aperitivo, and Happy Hour
- we believe in products with integrity
- we believe there is nothing cooler than a well curated home
-we believe in sharing good food and good times in a simple and chic environment
-we believe in creating fun and functional products in partnership with artisans in developing economies