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about atelierBOEMIA


was first conceived in the spring of 2014 by two interior designers and great friends with a passion for travel.

séverine is Swiss and grew up between Zurich and Geneva, speaking French and (Swiss-) German at home. Extensive travels (and perhaps a tiny knack for language) also made her fluent in English, Italian as well as Spanish.  Completing a degree in interior design in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2006, she worked for several years as a freelance designer until she met her partner in crime (and business) in 2010...

stacie is American and has lived in Switzerland since 2005.  Stacie grew up in an entrepreneurial household and owes most of her fabulousness to her super creative mom who puts Martha Stewart to shame and her business savvy father (who can also turn quite a colorful phrase as any good Texan can).  After studying Economics and International Business, she worked in the family design build firm until going out on her own as an interior designer in 2003.







- we believe things should and can be handmade, stylish and philanthropic
- we believe in collecting experiences and memories, not just stuff
- we believe in karma
- we believe the most expensive is not always the best and we expect quality at a fair price
- we believe in Tapas, Aperitivo, and Happy Hour
- we believe in products with integrity
- we believe in providing inspiring ideas for your lifestyle
- we believe in bringing you a unique combination of products reflecting our lifestyle
- we believe there is nothing cooler than a well curated home
- we believe your life will be more fun with our products in it
-we believe in sharing good food and good times in a simple and chic environment
-we believe in creating fun and functional products in partnership with artisans in developing economies
-we believe in donating a portion of our profits back to local programs funding education, work programs and infrastructure improvements in the areas from which we source product

We are passionate about travel and seeing new things. Our travels take us to meet fab new people every day that blow our minds with their kindness, dispelling stereo types, making us smile and humbling us with their generosity of time, spirit and directions when we get a little lost.
We are eternal optimists and genuinely believe it should be possible for everyone who follows our mantra to also live a fun filled existence.
We hope the things we bring to you make you smile, knowing that you are paying it forward with us!