Le Jardin in Marrakesh


Le Jardin is a large courtyard on 3 levels enclosed in a 17th-century mansion in the middle of the Medina in Marrakesh.

le jardin - marrakesh le jardin - marrakesh

Kamal Laftimi and interior designer Anne Favier found this house in ruins and renovated it in fabulous and varied tones of green and black with local materials. Landscaping with lush plants, trees and water features, they have created a literal oasis in the souks.

A cool 1960s vibe imagined in harmony with all the Moroccan crafts, creates a very contemporary feel. In this shaded garden you can eat, have a snack, enjoy a bottle of wine, or when night falls, watch arthouse movies in black and white in open air.

le jardin - marrakesh

Le Jardin, a cultured spot that also knows how to party, can also be reserved for special events. Salads, organic food and delicious sweetmeats can be enjoyed from 9am until 11pm. 

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