Our Top Three Spots to Check on your next Trip to Marrakesh



We had a busy buying and sourcing trip to Marrakesh in June, but we still managed to seek out a few treasures of inspiration while we were there. Our top three, don’t miss spots:

El Fenn: A beauty of a Riad founded by Richard Branson’s sister. A lux spot to stay or just pop by for an inspiring rooftop Happy Hour. Love how they are using the same fab blanket textiles in their outdoor spaces that can be found over on our shop. Don’t see the colors you want? Just email us, we will get whatever you need… any excuse to dig through piles of textiles… we are in!

Jardin Marjorelle is a must see on a Sunday afternoon escape from the Medina! The colors, the plants, the chill vibe, we tip our hats to Mr. Saint Laurent for reviving this gem for the people of Marrakesh and visitors alike to bask in it’s beauty.

We can never get enough of Kamal Laftimi’s spot Le Jardin when we are in Marrakesh. Never far from where you are shopping, this spot should be in the dictionary under “oasis”: inspired,inspiring and they serve vino! Stacie recommends the Savignon Blanc and the Lamb!


all pictures © atelier BOEMIA 

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