Behind the product: visiting our ceramic producer in Safi, Morocco

Following a great show at NY Now in January, we hit the road again in Morocco in March to fill containers with all the goods we ordered and to develop new styles for our fall collection that we will be revealing at NY Now in August. Stay tuned for more in the coming months on what we are cooking up for you!

One of the most fun things we did while in Morocco was to visit our ceramics manufacturer and see all of our beautiful pieces being hand thrown and painted while we were there. The production in Safi, Morocco is very dependent on the weather, and we had a lovely day to visit our pieces drying on the roof in the Moroccan sunshine!

From our BELL AND DEE CUPS to our SAFI PLANTERS, each piece is hand thrown on a wheel by skilled potters who do it all by feel, they can « feel » when the piece is the correct size and they use their hands to measure. Rest assured, our ceramics partner ( we will call him Nadal, because he looks just like a buff version of the tennis legend !) was clearly insulted when we asked him to see the molds. HA, there are no molds, just these guys making each piece by hand. It is incredible that they are all so close in size !

Watching these artisans hand paint each design on our pottery and then seeing the piles of finished product ready to be packaged for shipping was humbling and so fulfilling to see. People must understand how much work goes in to these pieces and then there is no question about the prices we charge for these functional works of art. We are proud to be providing work to these artisans and helping them support their families while continuing their traditional craft. We will be revealing three new color ways of pottery at NY Now in August to help our customers continue to build their collection over time of our beautifully collectible pottery pieces !

all pictures © atelierBOEMIA

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