Creating & developing our scented candle line



It was clear from the very first (unofficial) business meeting we had back in April that we wanted to develop a scented candle line. We both wanted something 100% natural using only pure essential oils and high quality materials. We sourced 4 of our oils when we were in Thailand in May, picking up other scents in Italy, Morocco and France. Little did we know how long the road would be until we were finally happy with the end product!

We sourced our signature candle glasses in Marrakesh, Morocco, while we were there in July. The idea was that we wanted a beautiful, simple, unique and elegant little glass that would look beautiful while the candle was burning, but could function in other ways beyond the lifespan of the candle itself. Water glass, wine glass, little vase for flowers on your window sill…any number of possibilities!


“How hard can it be to make candles?” we postulated. We ordered some quality wax and wicks and decided to make some "homemade candles" for test purposes. As it turns out, making good quality candles is really is a science and as we did not do that great in AP Chemistry, we decided to find some professionals!



After countless hours spent researching manufacturers, we finally found a great partner and our candles are currently being produced in Los Angeles and will be ready for our upcoming pop up sales...we can’t wait to share the scents from our travels with you!

all pictures © atelier BOEMIA

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