Our Zellige Porcelain : the story behind the pattern



Zellige is the name of one of our favorite things on our website, the platter and appetizer plates inspired by this traditional Moroccan terra cotta tile work, one of the most recognizable elements seen in Moroccan architecture. Zellige consists of geometrical mosaics made of ceramic used mainly as ornamentation and decoration for walls, ceilings, fountains, floors, pools, and tables all over Morocco. On a recent trip to Marrakesh, the owner of our favorite riad (check out the full story here) told us about the Zellige he commissioned to be installed on his own property. It took days for the pattern to be laid out on the floor in front of the wall where the mosaic would be installed, then it was transferred to the wall in a procedure that could have seen the entire pattern destroyed with one false move.


Of course, Zellige creation is considered an art in itself. The skills involved are passed down from generation to generation by maâlems (master craftsmen). Extensive training starts from childhood in order to master the creation of these amazing Mosaics. Like so many products that are produced in Morocco, this art form is created by taking a simple material like tiles and turning it in to something that is truly inspiring. The maâlems say that these beautiful designs come only from the soil, from which the tiles are made…. and their incomparable abilities to design and execute these intricate mosaics.

The "Tajmouati" Zellige dishes available on www.atelierboemia.com are more than a label as far as the Fez Morrocan porcelain manufacturer is concerned. This beautifully designed and produced pattern is very famous as one of the finest in Morocco. The result of a long inherited tradition transmitted from father to son, the continuation of which, has been assured by Kamal and Mehdi, respectively.

You can be certain that the addition of one of these platters or a set of appetizer dishes will provide years of tasteful and stylish inspiration for your table. Trust us!

all pictures © atelier BOEMIA

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