Our tabletop collection


One of our key business concepts is to provide inspiring ideas for your lifestyle. We are two interior designers who travel the world looking for out of the ordinary items to make your home and tabletop truly special. We like an eclectic tabletop with pieces that inspire conversation while simply presenting the food you have prepared for your friends and family. We are picky and expect top quality for a fair price and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our custom made Italian Ceramics and our Moroccan Tableware.

You will have the most unique tabletop on the block AND you can use our products with the pride of knowing you are providing jobs for artisans who are continuing their craft. Feel good about entertaining outside the typical box while a portion of our profits goes to helping individuals in these countries in need. From new job opportunities to health care assistance for those who cannot afford it, paying it forward is the right thing to do!


Quality over quantity is important to us, so start your collection today with your first set of appetizer plates or a perfectly white glazed platter. We will be here for you to grow your collection over time with unique and different things you will not find anywhere except atelierBOEMIA.com

 all pictures © atelier BOEMIA

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