Throw a Moroccan Beni rug in the mix


(image sourced here)

The classic graphic nature of the versatile Beni Ourain rug, which originates in the Atlas Mountains outside of Marrakesh Morocco, makes it a perfect fit in almost any interior. Traditionally patterned in black and white, there is no substitute for an authentic Beni that you will be able to enjoy in any space over the course of your interior design life!


(image source here from lovely life via apartment therapy)

We found these images with different traditional Benis and wanted to share so you could see how well these rugs fit in almost any decor. You pretty much can’t go wrong! Rustic or Modern, Classic or Glam, your new Beni is waiting to help add texture to your living room, bedroom or entry way over at our online shop.

Click below to see some of our one of a kind Beni Ourains for sale today we promise you will never regret the investment in one of these beauties...


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