Moroccan Poufs : Why you need at least 2!

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Occasional seating is a must in almost any room where you entertain. Inevitably, there are not enough spots to sit when you have a few extra people over for a party or football watch party. Poufs are the perfect pop of functional color, adding a layer of texture and fun while providing functional additional seating in your space. They are also perfect as a foot stool, can become a side table when you add a tray to the top (great by the pool in the summer!) and are inevitably every little person’s favorite spot to perch. We love them in children’s rooms/playrooms : No hard edges makes them safe for the wee ones as well as your shins after that third glass of red!

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A great spot to park things at the end of your bed (clothes, a suit case) and super durable, these poufs are virtually indestructible, as evidenced by their traditional use in tents in northern Africa, often exposed to the elements.

Get two of our top quality Moroccan Poufs, made of quality goat leather today to add a fun and functional touch to your living space.

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