about aromatherapy


Aromatheraphy is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences to harmonize the health of the body, mind and spirit.  Aromatherapy is a great way to relax, but can also be used to ease a number of medical issues. Shown to reduce stress and fight depression, the benefits of burning our pure essential oil go beyond creating a beautiful ambiance!  


Amalfi LEMON

Lemon essential oil has powerful antiseptic properties and stimulates a variety of wellness benefits when inhaled.  Lemon helps with improving concentration, elevating mood/fighting depression, increased energy and fighting fatigue and reduced stress and anxiety. Lemon has also been shown to alleviate symptoms of insomnia and enhancing the body's ability to sleep more soundly.

Mediterranean FIG

Fig oil is derived from the seed and leaf of the fig tree.  The aroma of fig evokes a sense of natural forest-like smells.  Fig oil is promoted as being good luck and a source of love inspiration as well as a source of male potency.  Our fig essential oil creates a paradise of calming scent in your home perfect for relaxation.

mediterranean fig scented candle - atelierBoemia

Moroccan NEROLI

Neroli essential oil Neroli essential oil is extracted from orange blossoms and it takes some 1000 pounds of orange blossoms to make 16 ounces of Neroli oil.  Orange Blossoms are often associated with marriage and brides as brides traditionally wore orange blossoms in their hair. Aromatherapy benefits derived from Neroli oil being diffused in your home include relief of chronic anxiety, depression, fear, shock and stress as well as for treating headaches.


moroccan neroli scented candle - atelierBoemia


Vetiver is a unique essential oil as it is derived from roots rather than flowers or seeds.  As an earth essence, vetiver speaks of the true materialism and sensuality that arises when we appreciate the physical world for what is actually is. The root of a plant is where it's vitality lies, and vetiver essential oil embodies the rooty, earthy scent of the tropical earth from which it comes and is a common base note in many high end men's colognes. Vetiver when used in aromatherapy is said to root the person, helping one to reconnect with your own body and solve tensions, giving certainly and security back and helping one to materialize objectives.

indian vetiver scented candle - atelierBoemia