SAFI planter medium GRAY

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Every room needs some living color, and we have the perfectly designed planters for your house plants, terrace or patio. Clever and stylish, each planter has a hole in the bottom for proper drainage and a matching plate to catch any overflow and protect the surface on which the plant stands.

Product Information

planter medium

15 cm (6") diameter top / 12 cm (4.75") diameter bottom / 18.5 cm (7.25") height 

drainage plate medium 15 cm (6") diameter/4.5 cm (1.75") height  


planter large 21 cm (8.25") diameter top /14.5 cm(5.75") diameter bottom/21cm(8.25") height

drainage plate large 20 cm (8") diameter x 6 cm (2.5") height.

Please note that the hand painted gray ceramics and porcelain pieces we sell come from different producers and are produced in different lots, so the gray is not 100% consistent across all products.


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