Avocado and caramelized tomatoes appetizers



These are the perfect little appetizer nibbles. Simple to make and absolutely delicious...


Avocado and caramelized tomatoes appetizers


For about 20-25 crackers

1 medium avocado (perfectly ripe) 300 gr / 2 cups cherry tomatoes crackers sugar, salt, chili flakes, curry powder olive oil fresh coriander (not a must but adds a nice touch)

Prepare the avocado: cut it and mash with a fork (best when there are still chucks in the mix), season with salt, lime juice, curry powder and coriander. Place in the fridge for half an hour to chill.

Put the avocado mix on the crackers and place the caramelized tomatoes on top. Bon appétit!

all pictures © atelier BOEMIA

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