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Avocado and caramelized tomatoes appetizers

apertivo appetizers appetizers recipe atelier boemia atelier boemia recipes avocado and caramelized tomatoes appetizers happy hour

These are the perfect little appetizer nibbles. Simple to make and absolutely delicious...




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Séverine's signature cocktail

apertivo cocktail inspiration italian happy hour italy spritz

The Spritz is my favorite cocktail and an absolute classic in Italy...

séverine's signature cocktail- spritz - atelier BOEMIA




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Stacie's signature cocktail

apertivo atelier boemia on the road cocktail happy hour St. Germain Champagne cocktail stacie's signature cocktail... come join us in Tulsa and Los Angeles to share one!

I love champagne and I love flowers, so it makes sense that the St. Germain Champagne cocktail is one of my favorites!




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